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Short Stories:

Do-You-Feel-What-I-Feel-800 Cover reveal and Promotional

More than a Holiday Romance in the holiday anthology Do You Feel What I Feel? by Ylva Publishing, October 2015

Carol and Laura have been traveling partners and occasional lovers for eleven summers. After jealousy and miscommunication nearly ended their friendship, Laura tries to win back Carol’s heart by sending her an elaborate Advent calendar. Do they manage to regain their relationship over twenty-four days?









Romance on a Side Note in the anthology Finding Ms. Write by Ylva Publishing, June 2016

Liz, a professional finder of rare books, meets an elderly lady, Beth, at a library sale and finds the special book Beth is looking for. Liz learns that Beth used to communicate via the book with the unknown JS when she was a teenager. Liz decides to find JS and meets Jane, a librarian, during her search. Will Liz reunite Beth and JS?








I’m working on my first novel (a medical romance) and will post more information as soon as it’s finished.